Smart consumer / Pengguna bijak.

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MTDC) International Trade and Industry wants to create “Smart Consumer” generation in Malaysia. It is initiated with the aim to disseminate information to the public concerning their rights as a consumer by highlighting on the latest topics regarding consumerism issues. At the same time, it also enhances the growth and competitiveness in the domestic trades.But here I also want to explain on smart consumer. We are consumer, everyday we consume something and we use our money to get it.

Let say our items that we use daily
1. Ubat Gigi; 2. Berus Gigi; 3. Sabun Mandi; 4. Sabun Basuh;5. Shampoo;
6. Conditioner; 7. Pencuci Muka; 8. Pelembab Muka;9. Toner; 10. Losyen
11. Minyak Rambut; 12. Bedak; 13. Mekap;14. Lipstik; 15.Minyak Wangi;
16. Eye-Shadow; 17. Deodoran;
18. Minuman panas seperti teh, kopi, coklat, susu…
19. Minuman sejuk seperti jus buah-buahan…
20. Shampoo kereta, minyak hitam, pencuci cermin…
21. Pencuci pinggan mangkuk, lantai dan tandas…
22. Insurans kereta…
13. Barangan elektronik seperti kamera digital dan komputer riba..
14. Top-up prepaid telefon bimbit, modem dan seumpamanya..
15. Barangan kemas dan pakaian…
16. Dan Macam-macam lagilah…

Do you know all this you can get from CNI!, and it’s “di Jamin Halal”

Let say we spend around RM300.00 per month at the “kedai runcit” in our area. Do you know that “kedai runcit” make around 20-30 percent profit from our purchase. So in a month they get profit from us around

RM300.00 X 25% = RM75.00 / month.
RM75.00 x 12 month = RM900.00
How about 10 years => RM900.00 x 10 tahun = RM9,000.00

What do you think? Do you aware about it? It’s alot of money. As a Muslim, we already can go to Mecca.

Can you imagine if all the family in our area go to the same “kedai runcit”, with RM9,000.00 per family in 10 years, don’t be surprise the “kedai runcit” will become Supermarket with our money, and we feel proud about it. What do we get? Only a plastic bag!!!!!

So what should you do?

Join my CNI group, be a good consumer, there’s a lot of benefit that we can get if you willing to share with your brothers/sisters, friends and neighbor.

How to join CNI? There are 2 ways, online registration with RM30.00 or RM70.00 off line registration. Please read my previous post.

Once you get your membership number, you can start shopping at CNI stokist or DC. You also can purchase through online. Imagine purchase your insurance, prepaid, toiletries and many more online. Is it convinience? yes it is.

Remember just change your currant brand to CNI, that all you have to do. Than tell your friend, ask them to be smart consumer like you.

Let say you manage to get 10 friends to be smart consumer. Each of you change to CNI product, so your group sales become RM3000.00(RM300.00 X 10)

With this, CNI will pay you around RM230.00. And this will happen every month, because CNI product is consumer product, a must purchase product.

Actually you already make profit, With bonus RM230.00, you only need to add RM70.00 from your pocket money to purchase CNI product. If you continue this step, your bonus will increase and you don’t need to use your salary to purchase your daily product. Is is smart? Yes it is.

Not only you, your friend also will get benefit, if they do the same way you do.

See you next time.


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